Stellantis N.V., a global automotive powerhouse, is set to make a significant mark in Southeast Asia as it introduces the renowned PEUGEOT brand to Laos. This strategic move is part of Stellantis' broader plan to bolster its regional presence. The Laothani Group has been appointed as the official distributor for PEUGEOT vehicles in Laos, with the first showroom and service center slated to launch in May this year.

Stellantis' Ambitious Southeast Asian Strategy

Stellantis, recognized as one of the world's leading automakers, is embarking on a bold journey into the Southeast Asian market. The decision to launch the iconic PEUGEOT brand in Laos aligns with the company's commitment to expanding its footprint in the region, showcasing a clear strategy to tap into the growing automotive market in Southeast Asia.

PEUGEOT: A Legacy of Innovation

PEUGEOT, boasting a rich history spanning over 210 years, is the world's oldest automotive brand. Since its inception in 1810, PEUGEOT has been synonymous with high-quality French manufacturing and a commitment to innovation. Today, it is a global top-of-the-range generalist brand, present in more than 130 countries and has sold over 1.2 million vehicles worldwide in 2021.

The Role of Laothani Group

The Laothani Group, appointed as the official distributor, will be pivotal in expanding PEUGEOT's presence in Laos. Laothani Tractor Sole, a subsidiary under the Laothani Group, will oversee operations, focusing on expanding PEUGEOT sales and network development throughout the territory. This aligns with the Group's New Business and Electrified Mobility strategies, emphasizing the transformative direction the automotive industry is taking.

Experience the Difference' Strategy

PEUGEOT Lao, under the management of Laothani Tractor Sole's Managing Director, Mr. Ladsasiphon Phimphachanh, aims to bring new and immersive experiences to the Lao market. The 'Experience the Difference' strategy underscores a commitment to enhancing customer experiences with brands, products, lifestyles, and services. The first PEUGEOT showroom and service center, set to launch in Vientiane in May, is just the beginning, with plans for additional outlets in major cities across Laos.

Allure: The Essence of PEUGEOT

Christophe Musy, Head of Asean and General Distributors at Stellantis highlights the essence of PEUGEOT as "Allure," defining it as powerful, attractive, and exciting. The confidence in Lao people embracing PEUGEOT stems from the brand's unique appeal, not just as vehicles but expressions of personality. The emphasis on style, design, and an 80 percent electrified passenger car range aligns with the changing landscape of environmentally conscious consumers.

PEUGEOT's Vision for the Future

With PEUGEOT celebrating its 211th anniversary, the brand unveils a new identity marked by a timeless coat of arms. The commitment to an 80 percent electrified passenger car range and a 100 percent electrified commercial vehicle range showcases PEUGEOT's dedication to energy transition. Additionally, the brand's participation in the World Endurance Championship with its 9X8 hybrid Hypercar from 2022 emphasizes its commitment to innovation and sustainable performance.

Vision for Value Creation

Stellantis, as a global automaker and mobility provider, aspires not only to be the biggest but to be the greatest. Focused on offering distinctive, affordable, and reliable mobility solutions, Stellantis leverages its rich brand portfolio and global presence. The company's vision emphasizes creating added value for all stakeholders and the communities in which it operates, showcasing a commitment to sustainable performance and global collaboration.